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Salerno, N; Marino, F; Scalise, M; Salerno, L; Molinaro, C; Filardo, A; Chiefalo, A; Panuccio, G; Angelis, A De; Urbanek, K; Torella, D; Cianflone, E

Pharmacological clearance of senescent cells improves cardiac remodeling and function after myocardial infarction in female aged mice Journal Article

In: vol. 208, no. 111740, 2022, ISSN: 0047-6374.

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Torella, D; Salerno, N; Cianflone, E

SETD7 methyltransferase is a key druggable target for effective cardioprotection from myocardial ischaemic injury  Journal Article

In: Cardiovascular Research, vol. cvac148, 2022, ISSN: 0008-6363, (cvac148).

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Cianflone, E; Scalise, M; Marino, F; Salerno, L; Salerno, N; Urbanek, K; Torella, D

The negative regulation of gene expression by microRNAs as key driver of inducers and repressors of cardiomyocyte differentiation Journal Article

In: Clin Sci (Lond), vol. 136, iss. 16, pp. 1179–1203, 2022.

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Salerno, N; Salerno, L; Marino, F; Scalise, M; Chiefalo, A; Panuccio, G; DeAngelis, A; Cianflone, E; Urbanek, K; Torella, D

Myocardial regeneration protocols towards the routine clinical scenario: An unseemly path from bench to bedside Journal Article

In: eClinicalMedicine, vol. 50, no. 101530, 2022.

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Marino, F; Scalise, M; Salerno, N; Salerno, L; Molinaro, C; Cappetta, D; Torella, M; Greco, M; Foti, D; Sasso, FC; Mastroroberto, P; DeAngelis, A; Ellison-Hughes, GM; Sampaolesi, M; Rota, M; Rossi, F; Urbanek, K; Nadal-Ginard, B; Torella, D; Cianflone, E

Diabetes-Induced Cellular Senescence and Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype Impair Cardiac Regeneration and Function Independently of Age Journal Article

In: Diabetes, vol. db210536, 2022.

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Molinaro, C; Salerno, L; Marino, F; Scalise, M; Salerno, N; Pagano, L; DeAngelis, A; Cianflone, E; Torella, D; Urbanek, K

Unraveling and Targeting Myocardial Regeneration Deficit in Diabetes Journal Article

In: Antioxidants, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 208, 2022.

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