Our new paper published in Communications Biology (Nature Portfolio)!

Luca Salerno/ September 30, 2021

Article     |     Open Access     |      Published: 30 September 2021

Mariangela Scalise, Fabiola Marino, Luca Salerno, Teresa Mancuso, Donato Cappetta, Antonella Barone, Elvira Immacolata Parrotta, Annalaura Torella, Domenico Palumbo, Pierangelo Veltri, Antonella De Angelis, Liberato Berrino, Francesco Rossi, Alessandro Weisz, Marcello Rota, Konrad Urbanek, Bernardo Nadal-Ginard, Daniele Torella & Eleonora Cianflone
Communications Biology volume 4, Article number: 1146 (2021) Cite this article.

Scalise, Marino et al. examine the mRNAome and miRNAome of cardiomyocytes differentiated from murine adult cardiac stem cells (CSCs). Their results show that the differentiation process follows a trajectory of miRNA/mRNA expression that resembles that of adult cardiomyocytes.

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