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Ellison, GM; Torella, D; Karakikes, I; Purushothaman, S; Curcio, A; Gasparri, C; Indolfi, C; Cable, TN; Goldspink, DF; Nadal-Ginard, B

Acute beta-adrenergic overload produces myocyte damage through calcium leakage from the ryanodine receptor 2 but spares cardiac stem cells Journal Article

JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 282 (15), pp. 11397-11409, 2007, ISSN: 0021-9258.

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Torella, D; Ellison, GM; Karakikes, I; Nadal-Ginard, B

Resident cardiac stem cells Journal Article

CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES, 64 (6), pp. 661-673, 2007, ISSN: 1420-682X.

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