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Cookies Information Sheet

The MaCCardio LAB is committed to protecting your personal information. We want our website to be a safe and enjoyable environment for the research community worldwide. In line with this objective, and in line with the EU Directives on data protection and the regulation of the Italian Data Protection Authority, this page wishes to inform the MaCCardio LAB web users about the use of cookies done by the servers.

Types of cookies

Cookies are a technical mechanism, consisting in small text files, that store information provided by the user, at its first access. When the browser accesses again the same server, the cookie (with the stored information) is sent back by the browser to the server, to make the contained information available to it.

A cookie can be removed explicitly (with the tools provided by the browser) or automatically when the connection is closed, as an alternative a cookie can remain stored in a browser for the created expire time that can range from seconds to years.

At the beginning, the cookies (Technical cookies) were used to store session information regarding the specific site (storing user details, passwords, form data, language and date format, preferred time-zone…, etc.) and for improving the fruition of the services there hosted.

Then websites started to use them (Profiling cookies) to track users, collecting their preferencies and profiling their habits. The profiles so built are mainly (but not only) used to send customized advertising messages.

Depending on the destination of the information contained in the cookie they can be furthermore classified as:

  • First party cookies The information contained in the cookies are sent from a server (beloging to an internet domain) to the browser and then the browser will send this information back to the same server (or to a different server, but always, belonging to the same domain).
  • Third party cookies. The information contained in the cookies are sent from the one server (in a domain) to the browser, and the contained information are then made available to a different server (in a different domain from which it came from).

Cookies used by the MaCCardio LAB website

  • MaCCardio LAB website generates “first party technical cookies”
  • MaCCardio LAB website hosts social network links that generate “third party cookies”

Third party cookies. Following is the list of the cookies policy for the social networks linked inside our website:

Browser cookies management. It possible to manage the cookies acquired by the browser and/or configuring the browser to accept or otherwise reject cookies coming from servers belonging to a specific internet domain. Each internet browser has tools for doing so. Following is the list of cookies informative regarding most used browsers:
Internet Explorer